SMS OpenAPI Specification

Programmable SMS API to automate your application to send critical messaging, OTPs and notifications.

Messaging API is designed in a way that just goes beyond the simple campaign processing, message scheduling, organizing contacts, receiving inbound text, SMS OTPs etc. Below are a couple of reasons behind the businesses choosing to use one-way SMS

Use Myotp’s SMS API to Automate Your Texts

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your App or Web Application with our simple & ready to configure 2FA APIs. Easily integrate 2FA into your application with an SMS API that utilizes voice and SMS messaging to ensure the security of your customers.


Experience simplified SMS API platform, designed to deliver OTP instantly in no time, with enhanced security and speed. Send SMS OTP to verify and restrict Fraud Logins. An enhanced API for OTP failure solution with Fallback.

Alerts & Notifications

Integrate sms API messaging to Reduce no-shows by sending automated alert SMSs. Update customers in real-time and provide them with reminders and alerts in a timely, secure, and reliable way that they can trust

Transactional SMS

Give messaging capabilities to your crm to Send SMS messaging. Use SMS API to trigger every transaction detail on billing to your customers timely and helpful payment reminders.

SMS to Email/Voice

Integrate SMS messaging API into email/voice service so users and agents can communicate seamlessly in the channel they prefer. You can use all channel parallely or simultaneously


Businesses follow different branches and requirement scenarios. We are all ears to listen to your requirements. We will offer you a simplified and flexible SMS API that fulfills your messaging needs. Like hotels.

SMS API developed to fit into your source program Developer-Friendly API code

Please replace ‘your_api_key’ with your actual API key and ‘1234567890’ with the actual phone number.

function greet(name) {
  console.log("Hello, " + name + "!");


Why Do Businesses use Myotp API gateway?

Trustworthy SMS Gateway

Sending SMS messaging is a great way to make your customer engage for every event. Our Uptime SLA Guarantee and high TPS give you peace of mind while sending SMS OTP, transactional message, notifications, etc., If you are not sending using API integration, use our dedicated bulk SMS marketing portal.


Live Analytics offers combined and detailed insights into delivered, failed and latency metrics.

Seamless SMS API Integration

Integrate easily with our SMS API. Built for developers to make the integration process smooth and easy. The API code is available in all programming languages. We know how to get composited into source code with other platforms. API.

Sample code for PHP, Python, JAVA, C#, cURL, Powershell Node.js, Go, Javascript, Ruby and Swift.

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